The project “Circle of Circular Economy”
brings the topic of circular economy to the Slovak schools.

The Regional Development Agency Komárno, Institute of Circular Economy and The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Rába – Duna – Vág, are the three organizations that joined together in the common educational project „Circle of Circular Economy”. The objective of this project is to present the essence of circular economy in the Slovak and Hungarian schools. This project is implemented within the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A the Slovak Republic – Hungary, and is funded by the ERDF and the national budget of the Slovak Republic. The project has started on September 2017. The end of the project is scheduled on April 2019.


What is circular economy and why is important to teach a new generations about it?

Since the Industrial Revolution, the economy has been developing according to the growth model - mine-produce-consume-dispose. It is a linear model based on the assumption that natural resources are rich, available, easy to mine, and their disposal is cheap. Today we already know that the situation has significantly changed over past years, that it is no longer true and something has to be changed.